The project began with an analysis of the environment surrounding the site. A large existing dwelling had to be blended into the scenery. The challenge was to create a totally permeable architecture that emphasize the landscape, and integrate it within, providing just enough privacy to make the building habitable.
The entrance constitutes a dwelling’s business card, for it determines the visitor’s first impression of the owner’s tastes and inclinations. The entryway is the first space entered by guests and occupants that allow s for convivial or familiar interaction and communication.
The dwelling comprises three storeys: ground floor, first floor and the mansard. The ground floor area includes the atrium, which is a pivotal area, dictating the interior design style adopted throughout the rest of the house. The atrium is not meant to dominate the guest, but amaze him, stir his interest, instil cosiness.
Nature elements are integrated into the interior in an obvious manner, with help of water flow, plants and natural light.