The dwelling comprises three storeys: ground floor, first floor and the mansard. The ground floor area includes the atrium, which is a pivotal area, dictating the interior design style adopted throughout the rest of the house. The atrium is not meant to dominate the guest, but amaze him, stir his interest, instil cosiness.
Nature elements are integrated into the interior in an obvious manner, with help of water flow, plants and natural light.
The atrium atmosphere resembles a movie trailer, continuing the exterior exoticism, the guest already noticing the way house is blending into the landscape, entering the atrium, the warmth of wood and brass, the ceramic insert in the center of the hallway as a decorative, traditional element.
The exquisite acrobat lamp dominating the atrium has a great impact, determining the entire interior style, the light as well as the orientation towards the living and dining area.
The ground floor also comprise the spa area – with a minimalist, asian warmth style- the kitchen and the housekeeping area.
The staircase which constitute a unifying element, has a whimsical and unique sculptural character.